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Traditional Birth Attendant Services

Choosing a provider to look after you and advise you on your health, body and growing baby can be nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. It is very important that you get along with the person that will be assisting you throughout your pregnancy because hey, let's be honest here, this person will be in your space, mingling with you and your significant other's energy and having someone that you cannot stand quite frankly can disturb the progress of your birth. This is why I highly recommend you take as much time as you need and meet with me first before booking my services.

The closeness and bond we will develop over the few months/weeks of your pregnancy, will either make you comfortable with me enough to have me at your birth or will make you uneasy.

Let's meet and make sure we are a good match!

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What Can you expect when hiring me as your Birth Attendant?

Please note prices include HST
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  • I will always be available to answer your questions,

  • Give you information about tests, procedures and routine examinations depending on who you chose as provider,

  • Provide information on different birth settings,

  • Prenatal meetings during which we can discuss anything and everything pregnancy, birth and postpartum,

  • Address your concerns & fears,

  • I will never pressure you into any unwanted procedure or protocol that is out of your comfort zone,

  • Be available to you for support by phone, text or email,

  • Help you prepare a comfortable birthing space,

  • Prepare your significant other to bring you support,

  • During labor; help increase you comfort whether taking a bath, changing positions, applying counter pressure etc.

And of course these are just some of the things I can do for you.

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  • I will maintain your confidentiality and will not discuss any personal details with others, 

  • I will maintain the highest standard of honesty, respect, integrity, courtesy and professionalism when working with you, 

  • I will provide you with physical, practical, emotional and educational support to the best of my knowledge and abilities,

  • I will help guide you in the right direction for your birth to be the best it can be,

  • I will maintain a birth log of the events that occur during your labor and birth,

  • I can also provide a written record of your birth based on the log within one week of baby's arrival,

  • I will remain with you for as long as possible from the time you request for my help/presence.

I can be of help in other things as well but these are the most important.

How can I go ahead with your services?

I offer a variety of services! Feel free to go through any of them and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Due to current covid restrictions and protocols, I am only able to assist you up to the Hospital/ Birth Center entrance unless I am the only support person you have; in that case I can go up to the delivery room with you. If you labor in the hospital or birth centre and wish me to still be there, we can switch to virtual support. It will not cost you any additional charge and I will still be capable of giving you feedback, guidance, reassurance and emotional support.


Available services can be booked for both virtual or in person &1st consultation is free.

All prices include the tax and payment plans are also available at checkout.