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My Background

Where to start!

My love and passion for pregnancy and childbirth started when I was a young girl, watching birth stories on TLC with my mom.

From that point on, I knew I wanted to work with women  and their families.

After exploring Obstetrics and then Midwifery, I discovered that Midwifery is not today what it used to be and was disappointed to learn that the care you can provide to women is limited to what the governing body considers low risk.

After much reflection, I started off in 2017 as a Birth Doula with Childbirth International which was a great start but once again left me unsatisfied with the limited care I could also give to the women I served.

I finally found H.E.R.B.A.L which was a golden opportunity  for me to follow their program and to Train as a Traditional Birth Attendant or as others call it a Holistic Birthkeeper.

Currently in the process of obtaining certification as Peer lactation councillor, Placenta Specialist and in Holistic Fertility.


My Approach


Having 3 children of my own and having went through  hospital birth gave me a different point of view of the system. I have nothing against the medical perspective on certain subjects, but I do believe that modern medicine is just one tool among many and not everything needs, nor should be treated as a medical emergency and one of these things is birth.

Women have been birthing for thousands of years and I believe it is important for the women of today to regain the confidence in their bodies they once had, to feel heard, understood and respected in their choices to birth their children in a way that feels right to them, by the people attending.

My goal as a Traditional Birth Attendant/Birthkeeper is to help mom and her partner prepare mentally, physically and spiritually, so that she maintains good health during her pregnancy and is in the right mindset to welcome her baby into the world. A woman well prepared mentally, physically and spiritually makes a world of difference compared to a woman who has been made afraid of the process by misinformation or past trauma.

I wish to build with my clients a warm, serene and stress free environment where reigns a climate of honesty, confidence, serenity, respect of personal choices, calm and understanding, facilitating the arrival of baby.

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