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Traditional Birth Attendant's Roles & Beliefs

The way women birth their babies has greatly changed over the centuries which has it's good and bad. Today's society has shaped us to believe that childbirth is a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, doctors and pain medication but is that all really necessary?


Modern medicine has done a great many things for our society that we would not have been able to achieve otherwise, but as we move forward and notice the flaws of the system, it forces us to acknowledge that perhaps it may not be the right approach to everything.


Many women feel that the system has failed them and are left with a feeling of dissatisfaction with the way they had envisioned their birthing experience and the experience they had with their caregivers.


The range of frustration varies greatly from feeling unheard or violated, to feeling that hospital protocols and/or their caregiver prevented them from having the birth they envisioned, to frustration from receiving unwanted procedures or interventions and having a traumatic hospital birth.

Women are then left to deal with postpartum depression, post traumatic stress disorders, anxiety issues and at the worst thoughts of suicide or even suicide within the first year of giving birth.

The result? Women have lost confidence in not only themselves but also  in their body's ability to naturally birth their children without invasive policies, or hospital protocols.

So what is a Traditional Birth Attendant, what is her role and why should I hire one?


Traditional Birth Attendants have been present across the world in different cultures for centuries. In some cultures, still even today, TBA's are predominant in certain countries where doctors and midwives are not available or unable to provide care to all women, or simply to women who prefer to birth in a more hands-off traditional way. TBA's provide support, wisdom and experience to women during the natural process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As Traditional Birth Attendants, we believe that childbirth is a natural physiological process and as such, though medical emergencies may arise, believe it should not be treated so until such emergency occurs.

A traditional birth attendant will always tailor their services to the needs of the women and families they are serving.

During your pregnancy, labor and postpartum, TBA's provide a wide range of information on nutrition, having a healthy pregnancy, preparing you and your family for the new arrival,  having a safe birth, addressing misinformation, helping heal women who previously had a traumatic birth experience just to name a few.

A Traditional Birth Attendant is not an Obstetrician; Obstetrician's are medical doctors/surgeons trained to manage high risk pregnancies and perform surgeries.

Mothers who choose Traditional Birth Attendants as their care providers will not be pressured into any treatment, test or medical procedure they do not wish to have. You will be given as much information as you need to have a natural undisturbed pregnancy and delivery if that is preferred or to choose the medical services  that you believe will be most beneficial for you.

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